Trucking Litigation

The Saurbier Law Firm represents motor carriers, trucking companies, owner-operators, and their insurers in accident claims and lawsuits.

Renée Siegan (retired) was a founder of the Trucking Industry Defense Association, and we take pride in our knowledge and understanding of the complex medical, mechanical and physics involved in truck accidents, as well as the regulatory aspect, such as hours of service, driver qualifications, maintenance, and vehicle inspection.

We work closely with accident reconstruction engineers and other specialists, some of whom maintain their own aircraft and can reach most areas of the Midwest within hours.

Additionally, we represent companies on over-length and overweight citations, as well as cargo and contract issues. Saurbier Law Firm, formerly known as, Saurbier & Siegan, P.C., is the author of TIDA’s Michigan section on Trucking Law.