Individual Services

We have always remembered that our friends and neighbors run into legal problems, and our attorneys have experience in many areas that affect our daily lives. We have helped with home sales by reviewing documents and attending closings. We have handled disputes over whether defects were properly disclosed before home sales.  We have helped resolve disputes between neighbors over nuisances, obnoxious behavior, nasty pets, removal of trees, spying, stalking, and more.

Purchasing goods and services, such as home repair, frequently leads to disputes, which we can help resolve.  Are your children in trouble?  We have represented children from charges of minor in possession to much worse.  Are you having difficulty evicting your tenant?  Are you being wrongfully evicted by your landlord?  Is your homeowner’s association being unreasonable?  Our attorneys have over 100 years’ combined experience with the “little matters,” that are big matters when they are yours.