Night at the Hazel Park Raceway with Saurbier Law Team – August 11, 2017

Aug 18, 2017


Saurbier and Hazel Park Raceway – A Winning Combination

Our Long Range Planning Committee has done it again! Thought you might be interested. Please join us! I went to Hazel Park a couple weeks ago and had such a great time winning 80 cents betting on the thoroughbreds, that now the office is going. (You can depend on my expertise in betting.)  Free parking! Free admission! Almost free beer! The Long Range Planning Committee is taking care of the rest! Meet at 6:00PM Friday, August 11 in the dining room. We have arranged for dinner, beverages, racing and a chance to feed butterscotch to the horses! What could be better? You, spouse/friend all invited. Hope you can do it on a crowed summer calendar. Let me know sooner than later, one way or the other please.

Check out the history of the track here: